2015 Joint San Diego Roadsters/COCSD Run

January 25, 2015 Joint San Diego Roadsters/COCSD Poker/Mexican Fiesta Run

Those who ran: We had a guest and prospective member join us on the run, Donnie Wetzel and his Father Mitch. He’d just bought a C6 Corvette and was enthusiastic about the car and our adventure. We had a great group of members in no particular order: Randy and Janet Brown; Jim and Viki Lassiter; Candie McDevitt; Lee and Margaret Olson; Bud and Peggy Gamboa; Mike Wilbanks; Russ Bergen; Roger Backstedt; Gilbert Peet; Anne and Brent Randall; Larry and Sherry Yarham; Keith Kingsley; Jerry Harrison; Jim and Christine Brannen; and one of our regular visitors, Art Boyan.

Where: We gathered at Bob Stall at 7:30AM.


We had donuts, took care of the legal stuff and talked about the route, then, we hit the road.

We headed up I15 to the Casino in Valley Center where we met the San Diego Roadsters club which most of us know as the Skye/Solstice Club; our Corvette cousins.  After a brief stop at the gas stations off of Via Rancho Parkway, we ended up at the Casino parking lot where we mustered; roughly 25 cars.



After a driver meeting where we talked about some of the technical aspects of this route and the issue of turns being misleading and difficult to gauge and gravel on the road due to the season, we headed up Mt. Palomar. It was like a roller coaster in reverse. There were awesome views and great driving due to little or no traffic the entire way up. We made record time.



We staged the cars at the State Park at the top of Mt. Palomar and we handed out two cards for the poker portion of our run. Many people had pairs and were excited to find out if they were in the running for the grand cash prize.


We drove to Dudley’s bakery in Santa Isabel by way of the back route, then 76, then Mesa Grande to Santa Isabel. This portion of the run was outstanding; again, little or no traffic, great road conditions, fantastic scenery and perfect weather.

We staged at Dudley’s and handed out two more cards; the final card would come at the final stop.




To return to the Mexican Fiesta, we split in to two groups; one group returned to Mesa Grande to run it in reverse and the other group cruised back to the restaurant via Highways 79 and 76.

We all got back to the El Rey restaurant on 76 where a Mexican buffet was waiting for us. The final card was delivered and the Roadsters took all three cash prizes. The highest hand was three of a kind (three 8s). The cards were marked to ensure honesty and no one was told; everyone was honest. The prize money was $50 for first place, $35 for second and $15 for third. Winners were paid on the spot.



Peggy Gamboa was celebrating her birthday; we all sang for her. We had a lot of new members on the run and the mix of the two clubs was really exceptional.

We went our separate ways after eating; exhausted and grateful for our awesome machines.

If you were on the run and want to share your pictures, please send them to me or Craig.  We’ll add more pictures and video as it comes in.

-Randy Brown, President

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