Corvette Owners Club of San Diego (COCSD)


COCSD was founded in 1956 and incorporated in 1959. We have about 200 members, mostly from the San Diego area, but all across the U.S.

COCSD hosts events such as fun runs, parties and kart racing. We participate in parades and homecomings at the request of many organizations in and around San Diego.

We support the San Diego Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired by hosting the Main Street America car show each year. COCSD usually holds a toy drive in December for needy children in the area.


Our History

Founders Al and Lois Carroll

Around April of 1956, Al Carroll, by then a true Corvette enthusiast, was convinced other people were just as excited about America’s true sports car. With the assistance of then ACME Chevrolet to serve as our first sponsor and provide a meeting place, efforts began to obtain members.  COCSD was founded.  By late 1956 officers had been elected.

Early in 1957, our membership was about 52.  Our club was known and we were receiving inquiries from around the country from people interested in forming a Corvette club in their area.

In 1958, over the kitchen table of members Ray and Marie Taylor (COCSD Member #2), a final draft of by-laws was completed and plans were made to incorporate.  COCSD was incorporated in California as a non-profit corporation on February 27, 1959 as corporation number 369837.

While working on by-laws and the early formation stages of COCSD, our founders were also working to develop a logo to be proudly displayed in the years to come.  Ray Taylor, a man of many talents, designed the COCSD logo.  For colors, Ray focused on Red, White and Blue – the patriotic colors of our country to represent America’s true sports car.  The checkered flag was added to represent the fact that the Corvette was a winner.  The steering wheel was to represent the steering wheel of the early year Corvettes, many of which were red.  The black eliptical, together with the eliptical curve of the flag and the steering wheel were symbolic of the drawing of an atom, representing the power of the Corvette.  This official logo of COCSD was adopted in 1958 and remains unchanged today – a proud heritage.

Since our founding in 1956, COCSD has been a continuously active club.  We are the oldest continuously active Corvette clubs in the world to: “We believe that COCSD is the oldest continuously active Corvette Club in existence”.  We are very fortunate that many of our long time members saved correspondence, newsletters and photos which are part of our historical archive.  Our historical file correspondence includes letters as old as April 14, 1957, responding to letters of March 1957.  Our rich and documented history serves our members of today and preserves the Corvette heritage for those members who will continue COCSD in the future.

“Celebrating 61 Years”