Blues Run

June 4, 2017

You should have been there! You missed a great time. The weather was great and we started out the run filling up on Starbucks caffeine. Craig and Lisa volunteered to lead the first group out and Gloria and I lead the second group out. I would like the thank Anne and Brent Randall for being the sweeper on the run.

As soon as I got the second group on the road I looked back and the third car in line was a Deputy Sheriff vehicle. They got bored from us driving so slow and made a u turn and went back the other way.

We went through Rancho Santa Fe and past the Dragon in Del Dios and caught up with the first group in the Westfield Parking Lot. Craig lead us out of the parking lot using a technique he learned from Greg Magill on to the second part of the run.

In the San Pasqual Valley we tried to short cut the first group and get out in front of them, but we didn’t make it, they were going by as we pulled up to get back on the road. We went up the canyon into Ramona, out of Ramona past the Wineries, through San Diego Estates and down Wildcat Canyon and on to Downtown Café in El Cajon for some food and their Blues Jam.

Members and Guests attending were Leah Johnson, Sam and Beth Campbell, Brent & Anne Randall, Craig Moya & Lisa Foland, Howard Kendell, Jim & Viki Lassiter, Randy & Janet Brown, Roger & Vanessa Hernandez, Roberto & Ileana Rodriguez, Ken & Gail Carson, Steve Breault & Jennifer Sanchez, George Dauphine and Chip Fox who saw the flyer somewhere. We were joined at the restaurant to share our wonderful company by Lore Young.

Submitted by Keith Kingsley




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