2014 Spring COCSD Cruise

Cruise notes: 

Well, we have just returned from our First Annual COCSD Cruise on Carnival Inspiration and it was marvelous!  I think we are agreed, we highly recommend others to join in on the fun and enjoy another one next year.

The word of the week was “Cornhole.”  (It’s a game.)

This week was a great opportunity to get to know a little bit more about our fellow Club members.  We played 18 holes of golf on the ship, relaxed in the Serenity Lounge area, blew bubbles, we ate (and ate, and ate) together, even slide down the big slide together, but most of all we laughed a LOT . For some it was a first cruise, but I believe it was a great introduction to many more in the future.

Ahhhh…The pleasure and enjoyment of sailing the ocean blue with a really f un group of 13 (Candie & Patrick, Lee & Margaret, Anne & Brent, Nancy & Alan, Randy & Judi, Jim & Viki & Steve B.) COCSD members.  All was really great, weather, food, friends, Catalina, Ensenada, entertainment, being spoiled, dancing, giant waterslides, live music, martini tastings and then one a.m. Candie & Patrick came to our cabin and talked about how good they are at cornholing (you know, the beanbag toss game), whew!  Then brent & I had our man boobs (what happens on Carnival stays on Carnival) ravaged by those to remain anonymous.Laminating our luggage tags was “anal” so said Margaret. 

No one heckled the comedian, even Candie (even though she wanted to after he said the “C” word!)  The unmitigated gall…The whole group of ladies were extremely loud and rowdy in the library while playing dirty word Scrabble so Brent & I had a ships officer tell them they would love to leave if they couldn’t control themselves.  After all, isn’t t he library a sanctuary?  Our Cribbage game was interrupted several time by the “crazies”.  

There was no debaucher (darn!) and all in all we enjoyed ourselves very  much and agreed this could be an annual gig.

-Submitted by Jim & Viki Lassiter

Lobster anyone?

Our cruise took us to 2 ports of call, Catalina and Ensenada. While docked in Ensenada, three couples ventured off the beaten tourist path to have lunch at a restaurant favored by the locals, Haliotis. The restaurant is known for its fresh seafood and marine themed ambience with many beautiful stained glass windows. We dined on lobster tacos, grilled lobster tail, bacon wrapped shrimp with creamy béchamel sauce, and some other yummy things that I can’t recall (too many margaritas, perhaps?) This was just one of many great dining experiences we had on this cruise. But the best thing about the cruise was getting to know everyone better. We had a blast and look forward to another COCSD cruise! 

-Submitted by Anne and Brent Randall

We had such a great time! We had a hard time cramming 4 plus days and all of those moments from our cruise “highlights” into one short paragraph, but, here goes.

We all had the opportunity to share our quirks, stories and to just laugh at ourselves and then as a group.

For example, Viki is anal retentive as demonstrated by her need to laminate their luggage tags, map-quest our trip up to the rest stop then to the boat and she was the “go to” person for what’s next when booking fun events. She was in charge whether she wanted to be or not.

Oh and then there’s Nancy, she kept us well informed and educated of travel and cruise itinerary tips and updates and changes. She paid closer attention to detail…We ALL could learn from her…

Then there’s Brent and Anne…they know each other so well! We watched 3 couples on stage playing the Newlywed Game. I’ve got to say Brent and Ann’s answers beat out any contestants’ answers by miles as they played from their audience seats like good Arm Chair Quarterbacks!

Margaret and Lee, Margaret aced 5 hole-ones in miniature golf to Lee’s 4 and that was with a putter that would fit my 4 year old grandson, (pic included) we might add, the putter certainly was not senior friendly.

Alan’s quick wit kept us grinning the whole time and Steve provided us with great gambling tips! BUT for most of us the tips couldn’t beat out the bad luck. I may need the 800 number for Gambler’s Anonymous, not sure?

Then last but certainly not least there was Judi and Randy. We had the pleasure of dining with Judi and Randy on the last evening…THEN Lo and behold we learned (Candie and Judi) that we both gave birth to sons on the same day at the same hospital (Grossmont) within 3 hours of each other almost 38 years ago!! Wow…I’ll bet we saw each other in the hallways.

As a group, we stayed busy too! We took advantage of the Carnival ” Corn Holing,” and for you people with sassy thoughts, it is also AKA as the Bean Bag Toss game. Then to make us go AW? We got to see a pod of 17 Orca whales!! Course the species of whale is under review by the experts.

A few of us girls did get to try our out our Michael Jackson thriller moves during the dance lesson. I’m just glad we missed that cruise line video. The ship tapes and plays cruise happenings.

Jim and Patrick won over the Ensenada locals by posing with “Mr. Super Viagra”yeah I had to display that pic.
Then for a feel good moment… Like the true blonde that I am, I left my cell phone on a bench in Catalina and a nice tourist, she literally ran a few blocks to track me down. Good thing because it had my ship card and drivers license required to re-board the ship.

As a group, us girls can be rather outspoken..We got booted out of the ship’s library, BUT only to discover later that it was a “Jimbo hoax”,” yes he set us up. We should add for future reference that all COCSD members are now banned from scrabble board games from within the ship’s library due to the “shhhh…” quiet rule.

All in all when reminiscing over our happy (very big smile) moments we see how lucky we are to have cruised with such fun and wonderful “peeps”
We have further cemented our belief that COCSD member buddies are the best! Don’t miss next year’s cruise it was so much fun.

-Patrick and Candie

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