Halloween Party


Jim (Cowardly Lion) and Viki (Wicked Witch) Lassiter hosted their Halloween Party at their home on Saturday, October 25.  With the help of a number of club members and family volunteers, the setting exceeded the high mark they had set over previous years.  The haunted forest walk was superb, with more scares and surprises for all of the senses.

In attendance were COCSD members Randy (Tin Man) & Janet (Glenda) Brown, Pat (Scarecrow) & Cat (The Tornado) Guiant, Candie (Dorothy) McDevitt, Keith Kingsley & Gloria Jones, Jay Orband, Brent & Anne Randall, Lee & Margaret Olson, Greg & Eunice Magill, Lore Young & Michael Thompson, Steve Breault, Roger & Charlotte Backstedt, Cooky & Leonard Campbell, Angie Villalobos, Dave & Maria DeSoto, Craig Moya, and Dave & Cindy Keetch.

Viki’s brothers Todd, Bob & Mark Risley, sons and daughters-in-law Sean Pendergrass & Lori McElroy, and Brent & Amber Pendergrass were there, as well as Ron Ripperger & Bobbi (the neighbors), and Bob & Amanda Staite (Brent’s & Amber’s friends).  Former COCSD member Richard Rose was back in town and stopped by to chat.
Jim and Viki put months of planning into their party and it shows.  If you missed this one, you may be out of luck.  They don’t expect to do it again next year.

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