Homecoming Night Party

Homecomings are fun and are GREAT publicity for the Club.  If you have never done one, you are really missing out.  Each driver carries one of the homecoming queen candidates on a lap of the football field.  That’s all there is to it.  But if you are a football fan, there is more.  I got the opportunity to watch Heisman Trophy winners Ricky Williams and Reggie Bush play, and it didn’t cost me anything.  In fact, I was compensated for being there.  The high schools usually provide the drivers with food and/or gift cards.
COCSD was asked to provide chauffeured Corvettes for two high schools on Friday, October 16th – Chula Vista High and Hilltop High School.  Afterwards, we headed over to Marie Callender’s in Chula Vista, for dinner, dessert and conversation.
COCSD members attending the Chula Vista HS homecoming were Bruce and Cathy Jamieson, Howard Kendall, Lee and Pat Caudel, Ray Provencio, Roger Backstead, Sam Campbell and Tom Kelly.
Lisa and I were joined by Art and Lupe Macario, Carl and Kim Best, Larry and Sherry Yarham, and Paul Fitch at the Hilltop HS homecoming.  Cathy was called to do double duty because of a last-minute cancellation.  The Chula Vista HS homecoming activities were held before their game, while Hilltop HS held theirs at halftime.  So she was able to make it in plenty of time.
Most of us who attended the homecomings went to the party, where we were met by Eric Gatley.  Eric has a C6 Z06, so no removable roof panel.  It eliminates him from participating in the homecomings and parades.  But everyone was welcome for the party!
Thanks to all!  A link to the photos taken by Art and Lupe is at the bottom of the page.
You too can carry a high school princess.  We have one final homecoming on Friday, October 30.  Contact me to join us for the fun!
Craig Moya

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