K1 Speed Challenge VI

The COCSD Racing Team completely dominated the sixth K1 Speed Challenge, held Saturday, March 4th at K1 Speed – San Diego.  COCSD swept the top three positions, finishing with 75 points.  The BMWCCA San Diego Chapter won 16 points and the San Diego Miata Club had 10.

As has been the case with the previous Challenges, we used the mini-Grand Prix format.  All three clubs had their own 14-lap qualifying race.  Once those sessions were completed, the 31 racers were divided into three race groups.  Qualifiers 22 through 31 ran in the “Fast” group race.  The second race was for the “Very Fast” run group, made up of qualifiers 12 through 21.  The final race of the day was the “Ridiculously Fast” race group, with the top 11 qualifiers.

Leah Johnson and Greg Magill were in the “Fast” group race.  Leah finished fifth.  Greg was on the pole and led from start to finish.  He held off a stiff challenge from one of the BMW ladies and earned the “Hardest to Pass” award, in addition to his first-place medal.

Howard Kendall ran hard in the “Very Fast” group, and came home ninth.

Six COCSD members qualified for the top “Ridiculously Fast” race group.  Kevin Tagle got caught in a late-lap collision and finished tenth.  Lisa DiSabatino came in ninth.  Bill Belt finished in sixth.  Craig Moya, Randy Standke and Jeff Wilkinson came home one, two, three to sweep the podium.

Team Corvette! Front row, left to right: Kevin Tagle, Bill Belt, Howard Kendall. On the podium: Randy Standke, Ed Griffin (Corvettes of SD), Leah Johnson, Buddy Griffin (CoSD), Lisa DiSabatino, Craig Moya, Greg Magill, Jeff Wilkinson.

Tom Kelly watched the races with his grandson and assisted Jim Mellos in selecting the special award winners.  Lisa Foland and Dawn Standke were also there, cheering on the Racing Team.  As usual, there were several non-racers from SDMC there, supporting Team Zoom-Zoom.

Following the races, we drove to the Corvette Diner for lunch in the Corvette Clubhouse.  The special awards were presented to those who earned them.  In addition to Greg’s award, the “Guardrail Award” was given to SDMC member David Streeter, for his consistent use of the rails to stay on track.  The “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here Award” went to SDMC member Wally Stevens.  Wally regularly participates in high-speed straight-line events, but could not come up to speed in the karts.  The “Sandbagger Award” goes to the racer who wins the “Very Fast” race group, but could not quite qualify for the “Ridiculously Fast” group.  This year, that was SDMC’s Greg Lee.

The final special award for the “Most Aggressive Driver” was presented to Randy Standke at the COCSD March meeting.  He was not the original choice of the judges, but after watching the self-incriminating video Randy posted to YouTube, the judges reconsidered.


Randy, Craig and Jeff sweep the top 3 places in the “Ridiculously Fast” run group podium.

“Ridiculously Fast” Group Race Results:

  1.  Craig Moya, COCSD
  2.  Randy Standke, COCSD
  3.  Jeff Wilkinson, COCSD
  4.  Tyler Johnson, BMWCCA
  5.  Ken Hurd, SDMC
  6.  Bill Belt, COCSD
  7.  Ed Griffin, Corvettes of San Diego
  8.  Matt Gage, BMWCCA
  9.  Lisa DiSabatino, COCSD
  10.  Kevin Tagle, COCSD
  11.  Buddy Griffin, Corvettes of San Diego
The “Very Fast” run group podium.

“Very Fast” Group Race Results:

  1.  Greg Lee, SDMC
  2.  Sean Nesbitt, BMWCCA
  3.  Preston Waid, SDMC
  4.  Jonathan King, BMWCCA
  5.  Travis Sterne, BMWCCA
  6.  Greg Uhler, BMWCCA
  7.  Arman Freeman, SDMC
  8.  Dave Shapiro, SDMC
  9.  Howard Kendall, COCSD
  10.  Dune Mallory, SDMC
The “Fast Group” podium, with Greg Magill on top.

“Fast” Group Race Results:

  1. Greg Magill, COCSD
  2.  Victoria Jones, BMWCCA
  3.  Jay Stoneburner, BMWCCA
  4.  Rob Mallory, SDMC
  5.  Leah Johnson, COCSD
  6.  Steve Waid, SDMC
  7.  Gene Streeter, SDMC
  8.  David Streeter, SDMC
  9.  Ben Phenis, BMWCCA
  10.  Wally Stevens, SDMC

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