Mecum Auction 2015

If you’ve been to an auction before than you know what this is all about.  It’s the idea that you could come home in the car of your dreams.  It’s even better.  It could be the car of your dreams only with a better engine; interior; transmission.  Even better, how about the car that no one can find anywhere and you find it at the auction in not so good of shape and it’s reasonably priced-you steal it.  It’s the possibilities.  Maybe it’s the showroom condition cars that are like time capsules.  Maybe it’s like walking down memory lane with each different car meaning something to each of us.  You find Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins.  Classic Chevelles, Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros, Bel Aires.  They’re all there.  They’re all for sale.

COCSD went to Mecum.  Some notes.  We had 30 tickets.  Sam sent out a request for people to sign up.  We had a massive response. Given the limited number of tickets that sell for $25 each, we thought we’d be in trouble because we wouldn’t have enough tickets.  Stuff must have happened.  First, not many people picked their tickets up at the general meeting.  Next, for the run, which we scheduled for the day after the General Meeting, we had a tiny showing.  So, I was standing in front of Bob Stall with 13 tickets left, tickets that went unused by COCSD members who said they wanted to go.  That’s hard to figure out.  With our club in the future, I think we’ll have to note that just because we get a favorable initial response, the day of the show is what counts.

We had a grand total of 10 people on the actual run.  That worked out great because it was more of an intimate run where we could enjoy each other’s company and not have to worry about who was lost and who didn’t make the traffic light.  We met at Bob Stall and started out down the freeway toward Anaheim.  This was a poker run.  Each participant got 2 cards to play against a Texas Hold Em flop which was to occur at the lunch place.  We went to the Stone Fire Grill which was just before Anaheim.  The food was very good.  We flopped.  Eunice Magill ended up the winner with the highest hand (I think she had Kings and Aces).

Sam brought our radios.  We stayed in communication on our way to the Convention Center and that was great because we were able to coordinate our parking and really stay together.

There were a ton of cars on the block.  We scattered to go look at whatever was interesting.  It was just like what you see on TV.  The real hi-lite for me was the VW Micro Bus.  They two or three of them.  Those things are going for insane money; $180,000+.  Even crazier, that kind of offer was rejected-not enough money.  Are you kidding me.  There were a number of 63 split window fast backs that sold for over 100K.  There were a number of cars that just didn’t sell.  You wonder about the market.  Are our dream cars from our high school days turning in to the Model Ts that we all balked at?  It could be.  Think of all of the young people now with Uber.  They could care less about their own car.  Would they want to embrace these outlandish cars that have marginal utility?  Would any of them be like Eunice and show a real attraction to this hearse-like Caddy?

2015-11-14 13.32.13

Some of us found seats and watched the cars go across the block.  Some of us wanted to look at the not so show stopping cars that were on the periphery of the convention center.  You were able to see all of it.  We had plenty of time and no rush.

Some other hi-lites; Steve McQueen’s trailer truck was for sale.  It’s pictured here:

Steve McQueen's truck sideSteve McQueen's truck Front


The sad part of this is this is the car that he went down to Mexico in to try to find a cure for his cancer.  This is his last regular ride.  It sold, but not for much.  Probably for that reason; here’s an artifact that has a sad connotation, very much the opposite of that British racing green mustang or that Jaguar that just sold for a gazillion dollars.  Even Steve McQueen can’t make the cancer truck cool.

After all was said and done, it was a lot of fun and we definitely saw some stunners and some not so stunning.  Whether they were great or not, they were all interesting and evocative.

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