President’s Message

Randy Pic  Welcome to our new website.  A club that’s been around for almost 60 years has had to change with the times; well, the times, they are a changin’.  Our board decided to make this website an information clearing house and archive for all of COCSD’s important information.  Soon, you’ll be able to pay dues here, review all of the club’s information and history including the board meeting minutes, bylaws, policies and procedures, club news.  We’ll manage club activities including Main Street America, the Inaugural, the Christmas party, the Chili Cook-off; well, all of them.  Being a leader will become extremely efficient since we can communicate directly with the membership at will.  You’ll find all of this information on your computer, tablet and phone.  All of this information is in an easy to add and edit format for members who take on leadership and have information responsibilities for the club.  Board members will be able to post directly to their area and keep our club up to date about events and club issues.  It’s exciting when a group like our board decides to become an agent for positive change and growth.  What we’ve done, in effect, is to plug all of the club membership in.  I’m excited for our club and I’m thrilled to think of all of the possibilities.  Now, we have the very best tools to make our club better than ever.  It’s up to us to use them.

Randy Brown, President 2014

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