Register  your car for Main Street America, July 30, 2017


Fill out the information below, enter the car club affiliation or “none”, also indicate your parking preference, to park with your class, car club or the name of a friend.


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Register your car for Main Street America,

July 30, 2017

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A Pre-War Classics, B 1946-1959 Domestics, C 1960-1967 Domestics, D 1968-1975 Domestics, E 1946-1972 Foreign, F 1973-2017 Foreign, G BMW’s, H 1964-1975 Pony Cars, I 1976-2017 Pony, Sports and Muscle Cars, J 1953-1967 Corvettes, K 1968-1996 Corvettes, L 1997-2013 Corvettes, M 2014-2017 Corvettes, N 1990-2005 Miatas, O 2006-2017 Miatas, P PT Cruisers and HHRs, Q Thunderbirds, R Low Riders – 1960 and Older Cars, S Low Riders- 1960 and Older Trucks, T Low Riders – 1961 to 1975, U Low Riders – 1976 & Newer, V 1900-1942 Street Rods, W 1946-1957 Customs, X 1958-1975 Customs


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