St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

On March 11, 2017 COCSD, the official car club of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, carried the parade dignitaries and bonnie lasses.

More details will follow.  So, check back later.  But for now, enjoy some of the photos taken of the event.

Gathering (most of) the group before heading to the Balboa Park staging area.

Gilbert Peet, Randy Standke and Zoe

Lisa and Leah


Randy Standke borrowed Paul Fitch’s Grand Sport for the day and came with Dawn and granddaughter Zoe.

Two lovely young ladies from the Colleen’s Court got a beautiful ride for the parade.

Lee Caudell also carried a Colleen in his ’82. Poor Lee.

We are all lined up and ready to go. Let’s get this parade rolling!

The Grand Marshal was one of San Diego’s Finest. Nice hat, Sam.

Cindy Keetch carried one of the four “Irish Woman of the Year” honorees.

Yes, she looks pretty Irish to me, Bob.

Lisa Foland and Craig Moya carried the “Irishman of the Year”, Father Brian Corcoran.

It was a beautiful day for a parade.

Lore Young brought Kermit and her “four-seat Corvette”. At least they were both the right color.


Cindy Keetch shares a laugh with Eunice and Greg Magill.

What do you do after the parade? Eat, of course! Lore Young, Lisa Foland, Lisa DiSabatino and Craig Moya share a table at McGregor’s.

Parade participants Sam Campbell, Leah Johnson and Jim Mellos were also at McGregor’s. What did you do now, Jim?

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