Ten Ways to Know You’re a Racer

1. You know the racing line through every turn and bend on your daily commute.

2. You know what the term “racing line” means.

3. When someone tells you that they are emailing you “racy” photos, you expect them to be of cars.

4. You name your pets after race drivers (i.e. Mario and Helio).

5. Your favorite celebrity is The Stig.

6. You make suspension adjustments on your lunch hour to correct the oversteer you experienced on your way to work.

7. You know what the term “oversteer” means.

8. You’re trying to think of ways to improve your office chair’s cornering ability.

9. You spend more money on suspension, engine and braking upgrades to your track car than you do on your mortgage.

10. You keep your racing helmet in your car at all times, just in case your business travel takes you within 50 miles of a track.

If seven or more apply to you, you are a racer. If nine or more apply, you may need to seek professional help. No, a psychiatrist won’t help. Consider attending a professional driving school.

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