2018 San Diego International Auto Show

From December 28, 2017 through January 1, 2018, COCSD participated in the San Diego International Auto Show with a display of 14 Corvettes, two from each of the seven generations of Corvettes.

The display consisted of the:

1959 convertible of Steve and Diane Hucik, 1962 convertible of Larry and Sherry Yarham, 1963 coupe of Rod and Linda Weissenberger, 1972 convertible of Greg and Eunice Magill, 1982 coupe of Lee and Pat Caudel, 1991 convertible of George Everett, 1996 coupe of George and Diane Dauphine, 2001 Z06 of Dale Mastny, 2001 convertible of Craig Moya and Lisa Foland, 2007 Z06 of Steve Breault, 2013 convertible of Chip and Vicki Fox, 2016 Z06 convertible of Ray Provencio, 2017 coupe of Howard Kendall

A special raffle was held for Corvette owners who came to the display and registered.  The winning raffle numbers are:

Detailing Kit (donated by Elite Finish2273714

Oil Change (donated by Bob Stall Chevrolet2273779   Winner: Josh Keown

Oil Change (donated by Bob Stall Chevrolet)   2273702

$50 Gift Card (donated by Michael Mancini of State Farm2273808

$50 Gift Card (donated by Michael Mancini2273799

$50 Gift Card (donated by Michael Mancini2273738

$50 Gift Card (donated by Michael Mancini2273774

$50 Gift Card (donated by Michael Mancini712330

$50 Amazon Gift Card (donated by COCSD2273776

Tekton Torque Wrench (donated by COCSD2273642

Grand Prize Piloti Limited Edition “Corvette Racing” Spyder S1 Shoes and a $10 K1 Speed Gift Card (donated by COCSD and Angelwings Tech2273664

Congratulations to all of the winners!  To claim your prize, you must attend a COCSD meeting with your ticket between January and April, 2018.

Everyone who registered and is eligible to become a member of COCSD will have their initiation fee ($25 for single memberships, $35 for joint memberships) waived if they complete the member eligibility requirements and submit their membership application by June 30, 2018.

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