COCSD B S Run # 4

COCSD B S Run # 4

East Foothills Corvette Rally/Run to Barrett Junction Café


Everyone who drives a Corvette looks forward to that day when they can take it out on the open road and put it through its paces. That day came on Saturday, January 27, 2018, when 84 fun loving COCSD and Corvette friends met at Bob Stall Chevrolet before embarking on a challenging rally through the back country of east San Diego County.

George Dauphine, the co-rally “starter” sent 46 Corvettes on their way following a series of clues that led them through the East San Diego foothills to the Barrett Junction Café in Dulzura where Barrett Junction Café’s famous fish fry awaited them. Upon arrival, the drivers and their navigators checked in with co-rally master Steve Hucik and submitted their answers to the rally questions, mileage driven and elapsed time to find their way to the café. It was also time to separate several drivers and navigators from obviously some “challenging” times.

Using the “Honor System”, the rally teams self-graded their rally answers. Somewhat of a surprise that no one had a 100% SCORE. There were a few grumbles and challenges but co-rally host George Dauphine reminded them “the judge’s decisions are final”. Several teams had only one error so the determining factors for first, second and third place trophies came down to mileage accuracy and the elapsed time to complete the rally.

First place winners, Lisa Foland and Craig “I’m just the driver” Moya, received their trophy with a gold Corvette on top plus two free dinners. Second place with a trophy bearing a Model A (depicting a slower time??) were Stuart and Lisa Robertson. Third place went to Cathy Jamieson and Leeanne Parrick who now possess a trophy with a John Deere tractor on top (an even slower reminder, but all in fun!!). No one is quite sure what the rally masters were drinking when they ordered those trophies.

A special award to the slowest driver/navigator team was given to Glen and Shelly Honig for being “dead ass last” with a remarkable time of one hour and 25 minutes. They both swore they didn’t ride a donkey. Fittingly, their trophy represented the last half of a donkey. Use your imagination here if you weren’t at the event.

In closing, your rally masters Steve and George want to thank Dan Biggs, our COCSD Activities Chair for his assistance. Dan had a sign-in table with all the correct waivers, etc. for each participant. Sam Campbell brought radios for those who wished to cheat, oops, I mean communicate with one another during the rally. Thanks Sam. A big thank you to Bob Stall Chevrolet for letting us stage our Corvettes there prior to the rally start. A huge thanks-filled shout out to Leon, Bill and all his staff for sharing his famous fish fry dinner and historic Barrett Junction Café with all the Rally participants.

And, of course, a big thank you to those that joined their fellow Corvette friends to help make this rally a big success. We hope you will join us again next year when we head out to Barrett Junction Cafe for B S #5.



Keith Kingsley & Gloria Jones

Leonard & Cooky Campbell

Fred Taylor

Tom Kelly & Marie DeMarbiex

Larry & Sherry Yarham

Bill & Lin Siepert

Stuart & Lisa Robertson

Chris & Janet Dawes

Gilbert Peet

Dale & Carol Mastny

Dan Biggs

Craig  Moya & Lisa Foland

Sam Campbell

Leah Johnson

Steve Breault & Jennifer Sanchez

Scott & Laurie Norton

George Dauphine & John Van Ryn

Steve & Diane Hucik

Jim Mellos

Glen & Shelly Honig

Robert & Nancy Michels

Howard & Terry Kendall

Jim & Viki Lassiter

Bob Swanson

David Baker

Bob Pratt

Jim Sperling

Roberta & Matt Lawler

Alan Atha

Roberto & Iliana Rodriguez

Robert & Andrea Seddig

Mike & Cindy Murphy

Pat & Lee Caudel

Jim & Trish Kistner

Lore Young & Michael Thompson

Ismael & Joy Sosa

Dave & Cindy Keetch

John & Jenny Vaughn

Dave & Erica Johnson

Phillip & Andy Delacruz

Greg & Eunice Magill

Ken & Sam Jolly

John & Amie Garapick

Joe & Shanna Vaiaquso

Michael & Jamie Fuchs

Cathy Jamieson

Carl & Leeanne Parrick

Tina Sellers


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