Organizing a Run

Organizing a run is pretty easy.  All it takes is an idea of where the run will start, its route, and its destination.  Check with the Activities Director to find a date where there isn’t a conflict with another planned Club event.  Club activities should be on the website calendar, but you will want to verify that your chosen date is open.  It may not be easy during the busy Spring to Fall months, but try to pick a weekend that is open.  Most members can only participate in one event per weekend.

You will want to figure out the costs involved.  If you’re going to a restaurant, check with them and make sure they can handle the volume and they have adequate, safe parking.  If possible, see if they will offer a discount to a large group.  If you want to raffle off prizes as part of the run, or you have other costs, establish a budget.  The Club does has set aside money to be spent on Club activities.  But you must attend a Board meeting IN ADVANCE of your run to get approval.  If there are any costs to participants – other than whatever food or drinks they may order at the restaurant – determine what they will be.

Next, it’s time to let everyone know about your idea.  Prepare a flyer with all of the information your fellow members will need to know.   The Activities Director can give you a few from past events that you can use as a guide.  You’ll need to get the Website Content Editor to post it to the website and you’ll need to ask the Activities Director to send it out in an email blast to the entire Club.

After it’s posted and the email has gone out, you’ll want to go the general meeting and tell the whole group about it.  Have copies of the flyer that you can hand out.  You’ll want to put out a sign up sheet so you can get an idea of who is coming on the run with you.  The Activities Director can help you put one together.

To make sure your route is open and there aren’t any surprises, it’s a good idea to do a “pre-run” a week or two before your run date.  That means you’ll go out and drive the route you’re planning on taking, if it’s a local route.  It is preferable to do your pre-run on the same day of the week as your run, at as close to the same time as possible.  Make sure you know where everyone is supposed to go, so you can make a map or give specific driving directions.  Anticipate any hurdles for Club members and make sure the idea works.  Make note of any obstacles, construction zones and landmarks and include them in your directions.  Download and review the Run Guidelines.  Prepare to discuss them during the “drivers meeting” prior to the start of your run.

Everyone in the Club is going to want to hear all about your event after it happens.  So you will need to plan on writing an article and taking lots of photos.  Or, you can delegate those tasks to others who are planning on attending.  But be prepared, because the Website Content Editor is going to come looking for that article and those photos!

Okay, so you’ve got the Board to support the idea.  You’ve promoted it.  You have your Club support and you know who is coming on the run.  It’s the day of the event and you’re standing at the run start point.  You’ll need to satisfy all of the lawyers and get ALL of the participants to sign our Club release and waiver form.  You’ll do this when everyone is gathered at the start point of your run or event.  EVERYONE participating in the run MUST sign the form, regardless of whether they are driving or just a passenger, or if they are a COCSD member or not.  After you get everyone to sign it, keep it.  You’ll make an electronic copy and send it to the Club’s Secretary at after all the fun, or give the hard copies to the Secretary at the following general meeting.  The forms will go into the Club archives in the event there’s a problem.  It’s also a great reference for who was in attendance, so you can mention them in your article.  The Activities Director can provide you with as many copies of the forms as you will need, and also loan you a clipboard (or two), to make it easy for everyone to sign.

Before you hit the road, hold a “drivers’ meeting”.  Make sure everyone has signed the release form, and they have a copy of the run directions and the Run Guidelines and briefly review them.  Point out any potential problem sites and note any stopping or re-gathering points.  If you are using Club radios, distribute them, using the checkout sheet to keep track of who has them.  The lead driver and the last driver (or “sweeper”) should both have radios.  Be sure to get them ALL back following the run.

You’ve organized and administered a run!  This is a Club based on great ideas, leadership and helping others and you’ve made our Club even better by getting back to the basics.  If you’ve done this with the right spirit, you’ve probably had a great time yourself and made some new friends in the process.

Happy organizing!  If you have questions, or need assistance in your planning, please contact one of the Board members.  We’re happy to help!