10 Reasons to Join


10.  You’re curious about the best driving roads in San Diego; we know all of them. We know how to get there, where the restaurants are and, more importantly, we know where the bathrooms are. We’ll introduce you to a whole new world of adventure through horsepower. You have a high horsepower adventure wagon. We want you to use it properly.

9.  You want to drive fast. We’ll introduce you to the world of track days. You can actually go to a closed track and find out if you’re as good a driver as you think you are on the limit. Just like Jimmy Johnson, Lewis Hamilton, the Top Gear guys; we have a whole race team here who can teach you about motorsport and help you experience your car at full throttle safely.

8.  You want to save money. By organizing as a group, we pay less at restaurants, track days, we get discounts on runs and services. We pool our money to make events that are affordable so all of us can have a good time and keep our wallets intact. The Corvette is an affordable supercar. We get to race with Ferraris and Porsches regularly because we’re smart. We help each other.

7.  You want to learn how to keep your car looking great and running smooth. We have members who regularly show their cars all around the county. We have members who own restoration projects and know all of the ins and outs of putting a project together. We know how to turn a wrench and we know the best mechanics for the Corvette. We have members who know how to keep your car on the road with less hassles and heartache. We have Bob Stall Chevrolet’s sponsorship which means they’re with us and they want us to enjoy our cars.

6.  You want to meet new people. Some of the newest people I know are here at COCSD. Last year, Matt’s daughter was less than one year old. That’s pretty new. If we’re honest, the best thing about our club is “us”. We’re a likeable group and it’s awesome to make new friends. If you’re looking for a life of adventure, every new face you meet is an opportunity for a world of experiences.

5.  You’re having a mid-life crisis.   COCSD has crisis counselors available to help you. You’re losing your hair. You want attention all the time. You’re wondering what the meaning of life is. We can help.

4.  You like good food and drink. COCSD knows where the good food is. We love to eat and we’re not afraid to drive to where the food is. What’s better than driving a great country road followed by a great meal? Whether you’re an epicurean or you like a good old fashioned diner, COCSD can quench your appetite.

3.  You want to be free. Owning a fast car is the ultimate symbolic expression of freedom. If the road is a metaphor for life, a supercar is the way we all want to live. BUT….. life is regulated like crazy. If you go too fast you get a ticket. CAFE standards mean that the cars have to conform to regulations, which means, cars are practically engineering marvels in order to accomplish speed and meet government standards. The government doesn’t want us to own these cars and that’s exactly why we love them; we live in a free country where we can enjoy them.

2.  You want to do something good for someone else. We partner with other clubs and participate in many San Diego car shows that raise money for charity. You’ll have opportunities to work on our own charity car show-Main Street America. You’ll be able to do something for the blind, veterans, children. Just by owning a Corvette and joining us, you’ll be making a difference.

1.  You want to party. We like to have a good time. We like to party. We have the best parties. Halloween. Christmas/Holiday. The Mid-Year Party. The only thing that would make them even better is to have you there. The bigger the party, the better. The more the merrier.